Swiss Raclette

It’s cold outside here in Switzerland; after nearly a half metre of snow earlier this week, it was all melted away due to a few measly degrees that turned the snow to rain and washed it all away!  I only gave up hope for a white Christmas when the (VERY accurate) Swiss Meteo prognosed 8°C for Monday… but no matter.  It’s still cold enough to enjoy a Swiss raclette once in a while.  After years of making it, I’ve made a shopping list / recipe to remind me what I’ll need, and how much.  I’ll share the recipe, and then at the end I’ll give you a few tips and tricks to make the meal a huge hit.


250-300 gr. Raclette cheese per person, sliced

250-300 gr. baby potatoes (floury-consistency) per person, whole – boiled or steamed


Assorted spices (any spice will do that goes well with cheese or grill)

Assorted pickles (usually pickled corn, pickled garlic, gurkins or whatever is finger-food type)


bacon strips (4-5 per person)

rolled sausages – either small individual ones, or large ones “coined” (amount per person is up to your guests – have a generous supply)

eggs – scrambled, in a small container to pour into onion rings on the grill

1-2 large onions – ringed (the smaller bits can be used on the shovels)

fresh mushrooms (Large, sliced; small ones can be left whole or halved) – for grill top and cheese shovels

sliced cherry tomatoes (for both grill top and shovels)

halved large tomatoes

sliced zucchini – “coined” thinly


Cranberry sauce – served as a condiment

Sour Cream & Chives

Kirsch – in a sprinkle bottle, for people to sprinkle on their potatoes if they wish.

Camembert cheese with baguette instead of potatoes

Prawns – shelled for convenience

EQUIPMENT: 1 Raclette oven per 6 people*; 1 spatula & “shovel” per person; Potato warmer bag or basket

Tips & Tricks:  If there are vegetarians among you, grease the grill with a bit of your preferred oil rather than with bacon strips.  Add the oil at the beginning for grill-top veggies (& meats), and occasionally add as needed (mushrooms and fried eggs soak it up fast).

Serve it with a robust chilled white wine (Fendant or Riesling are both suitable), and / or hot tea.  Any other drink tends to react with the cheese in an unpleasant after-effect!

Raclette ovens can be found on any shopping site worth their salt; if you live in a region of the world where winters (or summers, for you southies) are cold and long, it’s definitely worth adding to your kitchen supplies!Raclette Grill

Enjoy – or as we say here, En Guete!

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