Mueslitaler Sports Power Cookies

My husband goes on a hike in the Swiss Alps any chance he gets.  He’s also a member of the SAC (Swiss Alpine Club), and their beautiful, glossy magazine tides him over until he can go once again.  The following recipe was in their magazine, Die Alpen, August 2012, and I’ve translated it for you.  If you’re not sure about the conversions, just go to Google and type in “gram to ounce conversion” – it will pop up a handy conversion calculator!  These babies are packed full of energy for hikes; I made some for my hubby’s hike this past autumn; they were a hit, they hold up well in a backpack, and they can last (and last); a little goes a long way!


= 2 1/2 dozen

180 gr. oats
60 gr. Sunflower seeds
40 gr. chopped nuts or almonds
60 gr. raisins, currants
60 gr. dried fruits, e.g. apricots, apples, finely chopped
80 gr. whole wheat flour
a pinch of salt
a pinch of cinnamon
4 small eggs
200 gr. honey

Dry roast the oats, sunflower seeds and nuts on high heat in a pan, until it’s nice and crispy. Cool.
Mix the rest of the ingredients into the dry mix. Drop onto a baking tray by the tablespoonful and form to round balls. Bake at 200°C for 15 minutes.

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