Easy Decorative Mints

Easy Wedding MintsThese mints are known as “wedding mints” in America, but they are decorative, and if kept in the refridgerator can last a LONG time.  LONG. TIME.  That is, if you don’t eat them first.  Just a word of warning:  Go easy on any liquid you add, whether flavouring extract or food colouring; a few drops will exponentially multiply the amount of powdered sugar required to make the dough stiff enough to form balls to press into the mold.  I speak from experience on this… unless you don’t mind nipping down to the grocery store every so often for MORE powdered sugar…  I usually make this around Christmas, and have an assortment of mint molds that I’ve ordered online.  But if you don’t have any molds , or can’t get them delivered to your address overseas, you can simply roll them into balls and press slightly flat, as shown in the photo, or use a fork to press a tine pattern onto their tops.

Easy Decorative Mints

8 oz. (225 gr.) cream cheese

1-2 tsp. Flavouring (mint, almond, butter, etc.)

Powdered sugar – enough to make a “STIFF” dough (about 4 x the cream cheese!!)


Easy Wedding Mints 2Mix well, then form into small balls; roll the balls in granulated sugar (you’ll get the feel for how much of the mixture fits into the molds as you experiment with it.) and press into the mint molds.  If the mold is new, you might want to put a little powdered sugar in it before adding the cream cheese mixture so it doesn’t stick.  Immediately pop out onto wax paper to dry & harden (doesn’t take long).  Store in a cool, airtight container.

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