Comfortable Potato Stew

Potato StewFor me, this is one of those “comfort” foods – it always reminds me of childhood, and it was one of my favourite meals growing up.  It’s simple, down-home, warm and filling.  Perfect for a chilly evening.

Comfortable Potato Stew

2–4 med.–lg. potatoes; finely diced or grated

1–2 lg. onions, diced

Fry together until brown (or microwave 10 min. in covered bowl) ADD:



Spices to taste

Add enough milk to make a stew, a bit of butter (amount to taste), and spices – salt and pepper ought to do it nicely.  As it stews together, if you need to thicken it add a bit of flour or instant potato flakes.  Cook thoroughly. Also, corn or peas can be added.  Serve it with a good cornbread or Bisquick Biscuits, or saltine crackers on the side.

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