Would You Eat Insects?

As agriculture and livestock demands of the food industry increase with global population, alternatives are being explored.   Actually, the issue of an entomophagous diet, or that of eating insects, is only an issue in western cultures; most other countries in the world have at length served up crispy critters, from Mexico to Thailand.  It is mainly the repulsion at the idea of eating an insect that must be overcome for it to become a viable, mainstream protein alternative in the West.

I’ve eaten insects, shark, kangaroo, alligator, dog, horse, rattlesnake, and ostrich, aside from the more typical meats here in the West; I can say that the only meat I would not repeat was dog – its meat has a dusty taste.  Don’t worry – it was no one’s pet (I will just add that they are bred for meat in some places; if that’s repulsive to you, apply that same repulsion to chicken and cows…)!  It is a dish often served in the Philippines, and I’m sure several other Asian countries as well.  Innovative restaurants are beginning to make headway against the prejudices toward eating bugs, and are introducing insects into haute cuisine.  For an interesting article on up-and-coming restaurants, click on the image below.

Ento Foods


For a short video of fascinating insights into the advantages of eating insects, please click on the image below.

Ento Foods 2

Credit: Unknown

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