HOW TO Clean your Oven, Quick & Easy

Baking sodaOnce in a while, things cook over; it happens to the best of us!  There is the immediate problem of needing to continue the baking process for what’s still in the pan, and that fact will also force you to burn the spillage.  So I have two solutions, one for each phase:

1) When the spillage has happened, and you don’t want to fill the house with that burnt smell, just pull out the baking goods temporarily, sprinkle cinnamon onto the spillage, and then return the dish to continue baking.  The house will smell like warm cinnamon.

2)  Next, when the deed is done, and the oven has cooled down, take some baking soda and sprinkle onto the burnt debris; if it’s drizzled down the sides of the oven, just damp them with a bit of water and then rub some baking soda onto them with the damp towel.  For the floor-spillage, squeeze a bit of water onto the baking soda, then close the door and let it work for a few minutes; usually 10 minutes is enough, and you’ll learn by practice how long you need for your sized messes!  Take a non-abrasive sponge or a kitchen wash cloth, and wipe it down.  You may need to repeat it once or twice more, but it saves back-breaking scrubbing, and won’t damage your oven.

The baking powder works amazingly fast, and it’s a natural product; no fumes, no chemicals!

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