Quick & Easy Grainy Molasses Marinade

I don’t know what temperatures are like where you live, but here in Swizterland we’re neither used to nor prepared for heat waves in the summer; and for over a fortnight, the temperatures daily hit 35°C+ (95°F+), with no air conditioning.  By the evenings it was time to open up the windows, shutters and doors, and let the evening breeze through, and heat up the grill.

This marinade is one I mix together in a Ziplock bag, squish it together, toss in the meat of choice (it goes well with chicken, pork, beef… whatever you want!) and pop it back into the fridge, rolled up tightly to let the marinade hug the meat for a few hours before grilling.  It’s delicious, and glazes nicely!

Grainy DijonGrainy Molasses Marinade

1½ C. molasses

3 Tbs. grainy Dijon mustard

2-3 cloves garlic, finely mashed (or 1½ tsp. puréed)

1/4 C. lemon juice

Mix it all together in a large Ziplock bag.  This amount will cover roughly 4 large chicken breasts.  Toss in your meat, seal the bag (squeezing out the air) and squish the contents around to mix well and coat the meat.  Roll the bag up around the meat to ensure that the marinade and meat “hug” each other, then let the flavours marry for a couple hours at least, or overnight.  Grill as you like, and enjoy!

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