Wassail & Lamb’s Wool

Many of my followers are new, so I thought I’d repost a recipe from the archives, 2012, for a warm winter drink that’s a delicious addition to wintery months. It makes the house smell wonderful as an added bonus!


DSCN4596With winter upon us and Christmas just passed, New Year’s Eve approaches… and my thoughts always turn to Wassail.  A batch of this simmering on the stove has filled my home with a wonderful aroma, and nothing quite tops sipping this hot, ladled into my favourite mug straight from the pot on the stove.

There are two drinks associated with wassailing; the most famous is the Wassail itself, while the second is a variation called “Lamb’s Wool.”

Wassail has been around longer than written history:  It came into English via the Vikings, the word itself being a corruption of the Old Norse salutation, “Ves Heill”, or “be healthy”.  As a phrase associated with drinking, it arose among the Danes (i.e. Vikings) that settled in England.  Around 1300 the sense was expanded to refer to the drink itself, and from there to the carousal associated with it (it was, after all…

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