Pimabas Smoothie

I just made a delicious smoothie using pineapple, mango, banana


Image credit:  www.howtomakeasmoothie.com

and strawberries – hence the name!  I added plain yoghurt and a bit of almond paste, diluted with milk, and have enough smoothies for over the weekend.  I used freshly frozen fruits (I bought them recently, processed them and tossed them in the freezer), except the pineapple, which was a small tin of unsweetened, about 4 rings.

Pimabas Smoothie

1 small can unsweetened pineapple rings, plus juice

1/2 C. mango pulp

1/2 banana, in slices

1/2 C. strawberries

a drizzle of honey (to taste)

1-2 tsp. almond paste, or peanut butter

150 ml. plain yoghurt


Pop it all in a blender, and mix until smooth.  For each glass of smoothie, pour half full with the mix, and fill the rest with milk, or any fruit juice you choose.  Serve chilled, preferably with a straw to get all the goodness!

Smoothies make a great base for homemade ice cream, or popsicle.


2 thoughts on “Pimabas Smoothie

  1. Sounds super tasty! In addition that photo is awesome – so full of color 🙂

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