Strawberry–Pretzel Delight

I originally posted this recipe in February last year; I just made it again, with a simpler version, so I thought I’d repost it with the twist. It’s a delicious combination of salty and sweet!
The twist is that, instead of gelatine (Jello) and boiling water, I added 2-3 Tbs. strawberry jam, stirred the strawberries into that, and poured it onto the cooled crust; I then topped it with the mascarpone mixture. Without the gelatine step, it’s faster, and still delicious!


strawberry-pretzel dessertThe recipe last week reminded me of this dessert; this has a shock factor, as people don’t often associate pretzels with something as sweet as this concoction!  I made this for a dinner with my husband’s work team and their spouses, and it was a huge hit – the salty pretzels are a lovely contrast to the sweetness of the strawberries.  You could substitute any fruit you want, and I’m sure it would turn into a smash hit too!

Strawberry Pretzel Delight

2 C. Crushed pretzels
¾ C. Butter, melted
3 Tbs. Sugar
8 oz. (225 gr.) Mascarpone (or cream cheese), softened
¾ C. Sugar
8 oz. (225 ml.) whipped cream (sweetened [American] or unsweetened [the European way!])
6 oz. (170 gr.) strawberry Jello (or plain gelatin + 1 tsp. strawberry extract and part of the frozen strawberry juice)
2 C. Boiling water
2½ C. Strawberries (frozen and thawed, or…

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4 thoughts on “Strawberry–Pretzel Delight

  1. Tookii says:

    Looks so yummy 🙂

    • Trinity says:

      It is! I made it again recently, and it will move to my “on hand for spontaneous desserts” file, it’s that simple and delicious. 🙂

  2. dishdessert says:

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