Eat to Live Tip: Relieve Tension

If you’re feeling tense, grab a carrot, a stick of celery, a bell pepper, popcorn, an apple, pear or peach, and bite in!  Let the tension go as you munch on crunchy healthy snacks, and improve your health two ways at once.

Crunchy Snacks & Tension

2 thoughts on “Eat to Live Tip: Relieve Tension

  1. Connie Rae says:

    I like this tip and keep trying to persuade my son to try it! His go-to treats are all cookies, muffins, etc.

    • Trinity says:

      He’s an adult (and a stubborn one at that), so there’s not much you can do about it but continue to lead by example.
      Head injured adults tend to have sugar cravings because their brains are no longer getting the nutrition they should, in a normal way. Triglycerides and monolaurin in virgin coconut oil can bypass the blockage and get nutrition to the brain… but that takes persuasion too! Good luck!!

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