Vintage Life Hack #1: A Hint When Boiling Potatoes

We might be tempted to think that life hacks are a modern phenomenon, but they’ve probably been around as long as the need to communicate with another human has.  Fire?  Rub sticks together.  Meat?  Better cooked than raw (apologies to the vegetarians out there, but back then – and in many countries today – people couldn’t afford to be vegetarians… it was down to survival).

Here’s a vintage life hack on boiling potatoes:

Eat to Live Tip: Relieve Tension

If you’re feeling tense, grab a carrot, a stick of celery, a bell pepper, popcorn, an apple, pear or peach, and bite in!  Let the tension go as you munch on crunchy healthy snacks, and improve your health two ways at once.

Crunchy Snacks & Tension